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Code Geass Icontest
... to make a better future.
» Week 019: Submissions 
25th-Feb-2008 10:15 am
⭑ p4 ⭑ SOUJI→ reach out to the truth
This week's primary theme is Royalty. Anything related to this will do: whether it's members of the Britannian family or official artwork depicting other characters as such. Be as creative as you please with this!

This week's secondary theme is Green. Spring isn't quite here yet where I am, but I know I'm eager to see some green, haha. So this week's secondary theme is Green, and you can interpret this however you please. Whether you want to emphasize green in your icon, or approach it differently (e.g. "green with envy"), do whatever you please, and have fun with it!

» You may submit up to three icons to this screened post, with any combination of the themes provided.
» Please submit in this format:

Primary/Secondary Theme (whichever one you chose)
» Don't distribute your icons anywhere else until the winners have been announced.
» If you have any questions, comment to this post.

The deadline for submissions is Saturday, March 1.
2nd-Mar-2008 03:35 am (UTC)
Submissions are closed.
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