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» Week 069: Submissions

Woo, I finally get to post again (:

General Theme

" Family "

Characters in CG are rather close-knit! There's Nunnally and Lelouch (Rolo too!). Suzaku and Kaguya Sumeragi are cousins xD You could even do an icon with Ougi and Kallen because Ougi kinda acts like a big brother to her!

Image Theme

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Lyrical Theme

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» You may submit up to three icons to this screened post, with any combination of the themes provided.
» If you use the lyrical theme, you must use lyrics from the song in your icon, in the proper order. There's no limit on the number of words, as you can use as many or as few as you need. The lyrics do not have to be legible (i.e. tiny text), but if they are not, please tell me what they say along with your submission.
» Please submit in this format:

General/Image/Lyrical (whichever one you chose)
» Don't distribute your icons anywhere else until the winners have been announced.
» If you have any questions, comment to this post.

The deadline for submissions is Saturday, October 10th.
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» Week 067: Winners

Subbing in for carnimirie~

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» If you won and would like a banner, please go to custom_banners and request one there.
» If anyone has any concerns or would like to suggest a theme, please comment here.

Thank you to all those who participated this week. And for all those who are going to start school tomorrow (just like me), or has already started, I hope you have a great year! Next week's themes should be up soon =)
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» Week 067: Voting

Filling in for carnimirie :)

» To vote, comment to this screened post with the numbers of your three favourite icons in the order of most preferred first, and one more for the Special Category (that must be different from the rest of your votes). So, your vote should look like this:
05, 03, 13
10 (the SC below the rest)
» The SC this week is Best Text.
» Please refrain from voting for yourself unless you truly believe your icon is the best.

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Voting ends Monday, September 7.
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» Week 067: Reminder

We currently have a couple of entries but I'd like to get some more in before putting the voting up. So, I'm going to extend this week's themes until later on tonight! So get those icons in and I'll get the voting up tonight :D

Please submit your entries HERE by tonight.

General Theme: Minor Characters
Image Theme: Suzaku and Lelouch
Lyrical Theme: For Good from Wicked
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» Week 067: Extension/Reminder

There's only 7 entries right now, and I'm getting ready to head out to college tomorrow. I'm going to extend the week until Saturday, however I will not be able to post voting then, so if we have enough entries, hopefully someone will get that up ^^;

Please submit your entries HERE by Saturday September 5th.

General Theme: Minor Characters
Image Theme: Suzaku and Lelouch
Lyrical Theme: For Good from Wicked